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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Barbalien

Supporting Characters:

  • Golden Gail


  • The Robotanist (appears only on variant cover)

Other Characters:

  • Abraham Slamkowski
  • Talky-Walky
  • Lucy Weber
  • Father Quinn
  • Spiral City Police Department (In flashback only)
  • Sheriff Truehart (Mentioned)


  • Rockwood
    • Black Hammer Farm
  • Spiral City (In flashback only)
    • 3rd Precinct (In flashback only)
    • City Bank (In flashback only)


  • Black Hammer


Synopsis for the 1st Story

After a day of work at the police precinct in Spiral City, Mark Markz transformed into Barbalien and saved a crashing helicopter, defeated a giant robot, subdued two criminals, and saved a cat from a tree. The next day at work, Mark went to the precinct and saw a slur written on his locker, which he reacted by angrily punching a hole.

In the present, Mark returned to the church to visit Father Quinn and claimed that they felt the same way about each other. However, Father Quinn insisted that Mark took time away from the church. Meanwhile, Gail left a letter for Barbalien and contemplated suicide by nearly crossing out of Rockwood, while Abe examined the destroyed body of Talky-Walky and was visited by sheriff's deputies who demanded him for questioning regarding the disappearance of Earl Truehart.

Meanwhile, Lucy was exploring the town, while writing in a journal, noticing that something strange was happening.

In the past, Mark resigned from the police department, claiming that there was no place for him there anymore. He later transformed into Barbalien and flew into space. In the present, Barbalien read the letter from Gail, saying that there was no place for her there. Barbalien flew to Gail's position and stopped her before they had shared a hug. Barbalien declared that they still had each other.


  • No special notes.


  • Father Quinn's first name is revealed to be Patrick in this issue.

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