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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Abraham Slamkowski (In flashback only)

Supporting Characters:

  • Tammy Truehart


  • Mud Master (First appearance) (Flashback)
  • Sheriff Truehart (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Caleb (First appearance)
  • Colonel Weird (Mentioned)
  • Father Quinn
  • Floyd (First appearance)
  • Lucy Weber
  • Madame Dragonfly
  • Mark Markz/Barbalien
  • Smith (First appearance) (Flashback)
  • Talky-Walky
  • Y-Force (First appearance) (Flashback)


  • Rockwood
    • Black Hammer Farm
  • Spiral City (Flashback)
    • Spiral City Boxing (Flashback)



Synopsis for the 1st Story

Years ago, in Spiral City, Abraham Slam picked up a new costume from a smith, before returning to Spiral City Boxing.

In the present, Abe fed his goats at the farm, before coming upon Lucy and Talky's damaged body. Lucy claimed that something strange was happening in the town and that they were all prisoners, which Abe refused to believe. Sheriff Truehart visited Tammy at the diner and demanded to speak to her, before getting into an argument. That night, Mark visited Father Quinn at the church and attempted to seduce him, which had made the priest uncomfortable and ask his guest to leave.

In the past, Abraham Slam, in his new costume, fought Mud Master, but was losing until the Y-Force had intervened. Abe left the battle, feeling embarrassed, returned to the gym, and threw his helmet against a locker.

Abe went to the diner, where Tammy told him that Earl had threatened her and forced her to close early. When Earl returned to his house, he was confronted by Madame Dragonfly, who used her magic to melt him, killing him.


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