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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Colonel Weird

Other Characters:

  • Abraham Slam
  • Golden Gail
  • Barbalien
  • Madame Dragonfly
  • Past Colonel Weird


  • Unnamed parasitic entity

Other Characters:

  • Joe Lawson
  • Rex Pacer (Dies)
  • Dirk Atwood
  • Peter Brookes
  • Martha Brookes
  • Black Hammer
  • Past Talk-Walky


  • Earth
    • Rockwood
    • Spiral City
  • Para-Zone



Synopsis for the 1st Story

After brief conversations with Abe and Gail, Colonel Weird entered the Para-Zone. There, he saw a strange entity that entered the vision of a younger Abe Slamkowski fighting boxing champion Joe Lawson. Suddenly, the entity latched itself onto Joe's face and took control of him, while Abe put on his Abraham Slam costume and fought the possessed Joe and freed him from the entity's control. Next, Colonel Weird saw a vision of Gail in the 1950's talking to her boyfriend Rex Pacer, shortly before he raced a jock named Dirk Atwood. During the race, the entity latched itself onto Dirk's face, causing him to crash into Rex's car. Then, Gail transformed into Golden Gail and freed Dirk from the entity's control. Then, she went to Rex's side and watched him die. Colonel Weird was hesitant to kill the entity, as it entered a vision of Barbalien's past as private detective Mark Marks. A client named Peter Brookes was explaining to Mark about how he felt his wife was acting strange. Mark investigated Peter's wife Martha, who was possessed by the entity. As Barbalien, Mark freed Martha, but then, she thought he was a monster, as did Peter when he entered. Then, the entity entered a memory of Madame Dragonfly. Abe, Gail, and Barbalien arrived outside of her cabin and told her that they had found the same entity on Black Hammer this time. Madame Dragonfly briefly argued with the other three heroes before she used her magic to remove the entity from Black Hammer's face. The entity went into a memory involving Colonel Weird's past self and Talky-Walky. The entity came up from behind the past Colonel Weird, when the present version shot it. The past Colonel Weird was confused when he saw his future self. Then, the present Colonel Weird left, depressed, and returned to the present. Both versions returned to their versions of Talky-Walky, who both expressed, "You look like you've seen a ghost."


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