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Little is known about the mysterious individual known as Bacchus, though it is believed by some that he may actually be the modern incarnation of the ancient Greek god of wine. Bacchus suddenly appeared one day in a small English pub, much to the chagrin of the bartender Hector and his patrons. Though he barely muttered a word, Bacchus sat quietly at the bar. Upon the urging of his patrons, Hector agreed to keep the pub open as long as possible, so long as Bacchus could remain conscious. To keep Bacchus alert, the other attendees decided to tell various stories of their lives. Though Bacchus listened to each tale in turn, he appeared to lose interest and fall asleep. Even though Bacchus had fallen from his barstool onto the floor, the patrons continued to tell their stories.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


If Bacchus is in fact the Greek god that others believe him to be, then he is doubtlessly an immortal being who ceases to age beyond a certain point.


  • It is unknown whether this version of Bacchus truly is the Greek god of win or not.