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Appearing in "Plague of Frogs (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sadu-Hem (In flashback only)
  • Humbert T. Jones (First appearance)
  • Frog Monster

Other Characters:


  • Connecticut
  • Crab Point, Michigan



Synopsis for "Plague of Frogs (Part 2)"

Back at B.P.R.D. headquarters in Connecticut, agents examine the frogs. A single fungus spore entered each one's head causing the transformation. Abe and Roger each recall seeing similar creatures before. Abe in Cavendish Hall and Roger in Hunte Castle. Professor O'Donnell says it is Sadu-Hem, and yells at Thomas Manning. Manning explains that every 6 months a team checks Cavendish Hall. For 10 years there was no sign of life but then a small fungus was found. They moved the sample to the New Jersey storage facility and allowed it to grow.

With professor Derby's body still unaccounted for, they look into his life for any strange behavior. They find out that recently he started giving a lot of money to "The New Temple of Mysteries" based out of Crab Point, Michigan. The team flies out to investigate further. When they arrive the town looks abandoned. Johann senses activity in an old church house. Inside a man in a robe preaches to his congregation, telling them the enemy has come but not to fear.

Suddenly the helicopter carrying the agents crashes. Roger falls out separating him from the group. He finds a young girl and tries to help her, but she too is really a Frog monster. the creature attacks leaving Roger hanging from his neck by a chain.

Meanwhile in the crashed helicopter, Abe Sapien, unconscious, again hears a voice call, "do you hear... sunken bells are tolling for thee," as he sees bodies sink.


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