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Appearing in "1947 (Part 1 of 5)"

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  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • "An Air Force Base", New Mexico
  • Chateau Lac D'annecy



Synopsis for "1947 (Part 1 of 5)"

In 1947 Nuremberg, Germany (in the American Zone), a train carrying formerly escaped S.S. officers who were trying to escape to Palestine, arrives at a train station. As the military police opens the cars' doors to see the prisoners, they soon shockingly discover that they are all graphically killed.

In a secret Air Force base in New Mexico, the headquarter of the BPRD, Trevor Bruttenholm is visit by Varvara. Varvara knows what is Trevor up to: he and Varvara had received reports of slaughtered Nazi and fascist war criminals throughout Europe. The two knows that is the vengeful vampire Baron Konig since the "Vampir Storm" affair.

The next day, Bruttenholm forms a immediate team of BPRD agents to Europe at once. The members consist of Jacob Stegner, a survivor of D-Day; Simon Anders, a merchant marine who was lost at sea for days; Frank Russell, demolition expert; and Gabriel Ruiz, a former U.S. Marine Raider.

The team are sent to Lac D'annecy where they are to investigate Baron Konig. It is brief by Bruttenholm that Konig hosted a party in a chateau, the Lac D'annecy, in 1771. Among who attend the party was a young composer named Jean-Marie De Grigny. Two years later, De Grigny created an opera he claimed was inspired by that night's events. His work greatly offended the audience to such an extent that a angry mob burned down the opera house on opening night. So forth, the four BPRD agents are to investigate the chateau.

In a local tavern, the agents, except for Simon Anders, are most doubtful of their mission. Simon decides to go ahead on their mission himself in checking the town's library, that Professor Bruttenholm contacted in making arrangements, in learning more about the chateau.

On the way to the library, Simon is followed by a bat. As it gets close to Simon, a black cat scares it away.

Meanwhile, the rest of the BPRD agents tells their most troubling experience during the Second World War. A flashback of Stegner's role in the war, reveals his experience in Omaha Beach in the Normandy invasion. There he is grabbed by a badly wounded soldier who ask him to mercy kill him.

Simon reads on De Grigny's opera in the library. A strange woman appears to Simon who notice his reading. The woman, interest in his study, knows about the opera writer. It is that after the burning of the opera house that De Grigny went mad, put on trial and sentenced to an asylum left to die, and all his work destroyed. The woman then convinces Simon to join to see the chateau.

At the tavern, the agents, deeply drunk, are asked by a bar patron, who heard their conversations on the Chateau Lac D'annecy, telling them to forget looking for the chateau as the building was burned down a hundred years ago...

Meanwhile, Simon and the woman arrives at a fully festive Chateau Lac D'annecy.


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