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Ash Williams

Real Name
Ashley James Williams
Current Alias
Ash Williams

The Chosen One
Hero From The Sky



His girlfriend Linda (Deceased), and friends Scotty (deceased), and Shelly (deceased)

Base Of Operations
log cabin, S-mart





Unusual Features
Notable scars on face; amputated hand replaced with robotic one


Marital Status

S-Mart Stockboy


First appearance


Quote1 Groovy Quote2
-- Ash

ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992 Continuity)
Ash Williams was a normal guy in his mid-20's, who made the mistake of taking his girlfriend Linda to a secluded cabin for a weekend. Unleashed in the woods surrounding the cabin was an evil force with the ability to turn normal people into soul-hungry creatures called Deadites. The Deadites were unleashed via a passage from Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, The Book of The Dead. The evil took Linda, then came for Ash. The evil got into Ash's right hand, and to prevent himself from becoming a monster, Ash cut off his right hand. Ash used the Necronomicon and opened up a portal that would send the evil back to the time it came from, and it worked, except Ash was sucked back with the evil to 1300 AD. Ash found himself greeted by Knights who then took him prisoner and brought him to their home, Castle Kandar. Ash proved himself as being The Chosen One spoken of in the Necronomicon by escaping The Pit, a hole in ground filled with captured Deadites. Ash was told by a wise man that he must go on a journey to get the Necronomicon and they can send him back to the future. Along his journey to recover the book, Ash fought mini-versions of himself, and an evil doppelganger calling himself Bad Ash, made up of Ash's nasty habits and filthy desires. Ash got the book, and accidentally caused every dead guy for miles to wake up and attack the living. This "Army of Darkness" was led by Bad Ash, and they proceeded to attack Castle Kandar to get to the Necronomicon Ash brought back. With the aid of two armies combined and Ash's knowledge of the 20 century, the battle was won by the forces of good. With the evil defeated, the wise man used a recipe from the Necronomicon to make a sleeping potion that with each drop, allowed a man to sleep for a century. Ash found a cave to hide in for 600 years and began to drink the potion, only to have one too many drops. Ash fell asleep and awoke to find himself in a dystopian 21st century, destroyed by a nuclear war.

The Evil Dead (2008 Continuity)
This version of Ash lived in the early 21st century, and took a trip to a cabin with his girlfriend Linda, and his friends Scotty, Shelly, and Cheryl. All hell broke lose when they played a recording of Professor Raymond Knowby translating pages of Naturom Demonto, The Book of The Dead. Over the course of the night, the group became possessed by demons called Deadites, and soon Ash was left alone to fight his former friends. Ash managed to kill his Deadite friends and was the lone survivor by sunrise. As Ash stepped outside to escape the woods, the evil attacked Ash behind his back. This causes Ash to wake up in the back of his car, realizing that his friends becoming monsters was just a dream as he and Linda pulled up to the real cabin...

Powers and Abilities


Ash has no "super" powers, since he is just a normal human. However his prosthetic gauntlet hand is seen to give his right hand almost superhuman strength.


Ash is fairly agile since he is in his mid-20's.

Strength level

None known.


Ash is a normal human, and things like guns and knives can kill him like any other person.


Equipment: Gauntlet Hand
Transportation: 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88/The Deathcoaster
Weapons: 12 Gauge Double-Barreled Remington Shotgun(Boomstick)
Homelite XL Chainsaw


  • In the Evil Dead films, the character of Ash Williams is played by actor Bruce Campbell.
    *The information given here only covers the versions of Ash presented in Dark Horse Comics, for the version seen in the Evil Dead film series and television show, please check out The Evil Dead Wiki.


  • Ash makes his first comic appearance in Dark Horse's Army of Darkness limited series from 1992.

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