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Quote1.png Get yer dimpled little ass down here! We'll see what yer made of! Quote2.png
-- Ash Williams

Appearing in "Army of Darkness"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Henry the Red
  • Lord Arthur
  • Sheila


Other Characters:

  • Linda (in flashback)


  • England


  • Necronomicon Ex-Mortis
  • Ash's Homelite XL Chainsaw
  • Ash's 12 Gauge Remington Shotgun


  • Ash's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Synopsis for "Army of Darkness"

Ash Williams finds himself transported through a time-portal into the medieval era. Soldiers under the command of Lord Arthur capture him and muse as to whether or not he may be the Promised One. They take his weapons away from and lump him into a chain gang along with soldiers from the opposing armies of Duke Henry the Red.

Bringing the prisoners back to the town square, they throw Ash into a pit filled with zombies. Ash fights bravely fights the zombies and the wise man, convinced that he is indeed the Promised One, throws him his weapons so that he might escape the pit. Ash finishes the zombies off and climbs out.

As he is the first one to ever survive the pit, it is now accepted that he is the Promised One – the one chosen to save the kingdom from the ravages of the Deadites. He is taken back to the castle and cleaned and fed.

The wise man tells him that he may be able to send Ash back to his native time line, but to do so he will require the Necronomicon – the Book of the Dead. They also require the Neconomicon to repulse the threat of the Deadites – a task only the Promised One can accomplish.

Ash agrees to help them and puts his engineering degree to use by forging for himself a cybernetic robot hand to replace his chainsaw-hand. Now, Ash is ready to quest for the Necronomicon and defeat the Army of Darkness.


  • This comic is adapted from the popular 1992 cult film Army Of Darkness, directed by Sam Raimi. Army Of Darkness is a sequel to Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, which is a sequel to Sam Raimi's first film, The Evil Dead.
  • Sam and his brother Ivan wrote this issue of the comic.
  • First appearance of all characters.


-This is the first comic based on a film in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series.
-The second comic book to feature the likeness of actor Bruce Campbell, with the first being the comic adaptation of Moontrap(1989).
-Mentioned by Sam Raimi on the DVD commentary for the Official Bootleg Edition of Army of Darkness.
-In the early 2000's, the comic rights to Army of Darkness went to Dynamite Entertainment. Dynamite has since republished the Dark Horse adaptation in various Army of Darkness paperback collections.
-The second comic to be based on a Sam Raimi film, with Marvel's Darkman series being the first.

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