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Quote1 You ready for the REALLY good news? The Computer is also 99.7% certain the signal is non-human in origin. XT. Quote2
-- Lieutenant Sali

Appearing in "Duel part 1 of 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Sergeant Legger
  • Lieutenant Sali
  • Captain Reed
  • Captain Glass
  • Murphy
  • France
  • Lieutenant Murphy
  • Bowden
  • Cogeletti

Supporting Characters:

  • Machiko Noguchi


  • Briar Wolf
  • Xenomorphs
  • Predators

Other Characters:


  • Ryushi



  • ATV

Synopsis for "Duel part 1 of 2"

A platoon of Colonial Marines receives a distress call from the planet Ryushi. After examining the call, it appears to be extraterrestrial in nature. The squad forms a rescue plan and land on the planet. Their first step is find Machiko Noguchi, the only listed resident on the planet. When they get to her place however, it is ransacked and she is missing.

Continuing their investigation, they come upon a crashed ship. They enter it but are quickly attacked by a Briar Wolf. Once it's been taken care of, they continue to search the ship. The find a dead Predator (apparently eaten by the Briar Wolf), and an unconscious Predator. They extract the surviving Predator. They also find a Xenomorph chained up. Thinking it dead, they move in close but are surprised to find that the Xenomorph is still alive! It kills one soldier before the rest open fire.

The Marines escape the ship only to find a pack of Xenomorphs waiting for them outside. Suddenly, a Predator drops out of nowhere and tears in to the Xenomorph pack. The Marines get the unconscious Predator on to their ATV. Thinking the new Predator to be one of their friends (since it saved them from the Xenomorphs), they don't open fire on it when it approaches them. As they try to reason with it, the Predator surprises the platoon when it spears and kills one of the soldiers.


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