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Appearing in "Colonial Marines"

Featured Characters:

  • Beech
  • Berganza (Final appearance)
  • Boston
  • Cerrano
  • Henry
  • Koo (Final appearance)
  • Maryland
  • Nyland
  • Rake
  • Rosemas
  • Vasquez

Supporting Characters:

  • Dinkel
  • Major Bradshaw (Bug Man)
  • Mister Beliveau


Other Characters:

  • "Father"
  • Liston (Android)
  • Mister Corchiani
  • Vormitag (Behind the scenes)


  • Sungun Station


  • M41-A Pulse Rifles


  • The Melville

Synopsis for "Colonial Marines"

The Colonial Marines open fire on a nest of Xenomorphs on the Sungun station. Sgt. Nyland puts in a call to the Melville to come pick them up, but their chances of survival looks slim. Several marines get hit with alien acid spatter and burn to death, but on the whole, they end up cleaning out the corridor of infestation.

Grabbing a lowly tech worker named Dinkel, the marines ask him where the greater concentration of aliens are. He tells them to go to the Tox Bay through the gravity well. The marines space walk outside the station until they can cut a hole leading directly into the Tox Bay. They blast away a few more aliens and manage to get their hands on a strange humanoid who seems to actually worship the Xenomorph as angels.

They bring the worshiper back to the Melville for interrogation. The only information he manages to yield is a long string of pseudo-intellectual religious rambling.


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