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Appearing in "Colonial Marines"

Featured Characters:

  • Sungun Crew
  • Carrol
  • Corchiani
  • Croeni
  • Dinkel
  • Duke
  • Emardt
  • James
  • Murphy
  • Osborne
  • Vinson

  • Henry
  • Nyland
  • Vasquez

Supporting Characters:

  • Mister Beliveau
  • Petrovic


Other Characters:

  • Captain Campomanes (Lt. Henry was in the Brig on the Dover for busting Campomanes jaw.)
  • Liston (Synthetic)
  • Ross
  • Tadd


  • Sungun Station


  • M41-A Pulse Rifles


  • USCM 82 Dover
  • The Laing
  • U.S.S. Melville STS-469

Synopsis for "Colonial Marines"

Built on an asteroid, the Javelin Kinetics Alphatech Sungun, fires casks containing hazardous waste from all corners of the solar system into the Sun to be consumed. The crew is trying to catch up on an apparent backlog of materials. They are expecting a visit from company bigwig, Mister Beliveau, who is travelling aboard the Melville. An unexpected transport shows up with a load for the station. The ship, Laing, is docked automatically. The station crew hops to unloading the Laing, where they discover a Xenomorph hive. The hive quickly decimates the Sunggun crew. Except for a few souls locked in the control room.

On the USCM Dover, Lt. Henry is taking a video call from his father. Later Henry get his orders From Petrovic to take the Melville and haul a replacement labor crew to an under construction deep communications array. Along the way he is also going to dock at the Sungun station to drop some toxics and a special passenger, Mister Believeau.


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